Permanent Makeup

is a way of cosmetic tattooing, using microblading tools and a permanent makeup machine to impress pigments into the skin in order to  enhance or create a natural and/or custom eyebrow, or eyeliner. 

Because this is a Cosmetic Tattoo and a semi/permanent procedure a Waiver is required to be completed before the appointment. Medical and medication history questions will be asked and should be answered to the best of your knowledge and truthfully. Medical conditions or medications (etc.) will not necessarily disqualify you as a candidate for permanent makeup but may just act as advise to the artist to better preform the procedure. All personal and/or medical information is kept private and confidential as per regulations and policy to protect all clients privacy. 



Technique used to enhance the brow by creating hair strokes. Results are the most natural and are best for those have some* hair on the brow. This process is done in two separate appointments done 6-8 weeks apart.


Microblade & Shade

This technique creates hair strokes and then adds additional color to the background. This is done by using the permanent makeup machine to create a soft shadow under the hair strokes, which results in a fuller, dimensional look. Best for those with less natural hair or to help correct an older cosmetic tattoo. This is done in two separate appointments done 6-8 weeks apart.


Powder Brow

A technique that is ideal for any person, despite hair amount or skin type. Done with the permanent makeup machine and either 1-point or nano needles to create a soft powder-like fill in. Also known as “Ombre brows” , this method can create an array of results. This can be done softly to define the brow or from dark to light for the ombre effect.


Combination Brow

This a mix of two techniques, Microblading and powder brow. The results show the hair strokes plus a more filled in appearance. This is a great option for persons with less eyebrow hair or who would like their brows to look more filled in or fuller.This can also be used to correct old cosmetic tattoos as shown in photo (previous cosmetic tattoo not done by me). Second session is done 6-8 weeks after.


Winged Eyeliner

Cosmetic tattooed wing liner. Done with the permanent makeup machine. Also done in two separate sessions 8-10 weeks apart.


Classic Top and Bottom Eyeliner

Cosmetic tattooed eyeliner done with the permanent makeup machine, using either a one point or nano needle. Solid eyeliner with no wing or “smudgy'“ effect. Can be done together or separately and in an array of colors. Touch up appointment required 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure.


Before the procedure please do not take any blood thinning medications or substances such as aspirin or alcohol 24 hours prior to procedure. Please do not wax the procedure area 24-48 hours prior to procedure. Note procedure can not be done on any person whom is pregnant or nursing. Procedure can not be preformed if there are any open wounds on the desired area. Reframe from excessive exercise or aggressive activity that may increase blood pressure prior to the the procedure. Persons desiring a permanent makeup procedure must be 18 years of age with a valid form of identification. Persons between 16 to 18 year of age may get permanent makeup procedures with Parent Permission. Parents must be present during every appointment and stay the duration of the procedure and must have a valid form of identification. 


Post procedure care instructions will be demonstrated and given to you after your procedure. It is vital to follow these instructions to get the best possible result . It is important to understand there are no guarantees and no way to predict how each individual will heal and how the bodies reaction will effect the final result of the procedure. With this understood we do advise the following in order to best protect and heal for the best result. Please keep your hands off! Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the areas. Do not engage in aggressive activity or exercise 48-72 hours after procedure. Reframe from wearing make up or applying cosmetic creams, lotions, etc. to the procedure area 7-10 days after the procedure. Stay away from overly dirty or dusty areas, where dirt or dust, etc., can contaminate the area. Note the skin is open and healing, infection is a risk. Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing your face on to the pillow. Do not pick or scratch the forming scab. No spray tans, tanning or excessive exposure to sun 7- 10 days following procedure. Avoid swimming, hot tubs, saunas and/or direct steam to face for 7-10 days after. 

Wet Healing Instructions: 

Required for healing eyebrows. Application of ointment should continue for 7-10 days after the procedure. 

1. Thoroughly wash your hands

2. Dampen Brows gently and wash with Hypoallergenic, Fragrance- Free Soap.

3. Rinse Brows with luke-warm water ( avoid hot water )

4. Gently pat dry the eye brow area with a clean soft towel or clean new paper towel.

5. With clean hands or new clean q-tip, apply a small ( less then pea sized ) of ointment to brows.

Dry Healing:

Dry healing is required for eyelash enhancements and eyeliner procedures. We recommend allowing the area to heal unassisted and unbothered. The area will scab quickly and may itch, do not pick or scratch. Allow the natural healing of the area and allow the scab to form and fall off naturally. We do not recommend applying any ointment to the eyelash or eyeliner area due to its close location to the eyeball.