Jessica Schneider Beauty

Professional Makeup Artist and Permanent Makeup Artist.

.. has a true eye for detail and the best part? Was able to pick out everyones personalities right away and drew them out through a hairstyle that described who exactly my bridesmaids were as people.
— Nora Cummings, Bride
Jes is very talented and fun to work with! Looking forward to working with you again soon
— Krysta D'Amico, Makeup & Hair Client
.. I was in and out within an hour & a half and my brows look fantastic! The pain is minimal at most and the results are incredible.
— Tania Osijchuk, Microblading Client
Jes was amazing! She handled all my emails and questions like a pro and she was so much fun to work with. Me and all my girls looked amazing!
— Sarah Kowal-Moore, Bride